Sewing Lessons

If you want more information about any of the sewing classes, send me an e-mail at

Class Outlines:

WEEKLY SEWING GROUP:  For those of you who already know how to sew and want to increase your knowledge or if you have a special project that you would like help with, join our sewing group.  The group is held once a week for 4 hours.  Bring your machine and your project and I’ll be here to provide advise and input.  The Sewing Group is a great way to meet like minded women who are passionate about sewing.

SEWING BASICS – Part 1:  Machine, Seams & Fabric – This class is for those who have never sat behind a sewing machine or who have some experience but not much more than sewing a straight stitch.  This will be a three session course dedicated to learning the basics of sewing.  In Session 1, we will start with understanding your machine from top to bottom.  We will talk about threads, needles, stitch types, and maintenance.  In Session 2, we will go through the different types of seams and how they look and function on a finished garment and learn to make them.  We will discuss seam allowances, finishing, reinforcing and pressing.  Finally, in Session 3, we will look at and talk about fabrics, the difference between knits and wovens, how to choose an appropriate fabric for a project, and fabric vocabulary.  Then we will use all of the knowledge gained and complete a very useful project.   Pre-Requisite:  None

SEWING BASICS – Part 2:  Patterns, Fitting & Construction – Now that we have become friends with our sewing machine and see the possibilities, we can’t wait to make something!  This will be a 4 session class dedicated to learning about paper patterns, fit and constructing a garment.  In Session 1, we will start with the pattern envelope and all the useful information contained there.  Next we will learn how to read the printed instruction. Finally we will start looking at the actual pattern pieces and study the information printed on them.   In Session 2, we will talk about body measurements and the difference between that and pattern sizes.  We will also look at posture and how that affects the fit of garments.  Once we determine what size pattern we should use, we will copy off our size pattern pieces onto working paper, fit that to our body and make necessary adjustments to fit our individual shape.  In Session 3, we will sew up a muslin fit garment and make further pattern adjustments as necessary ensuring that we have a perfect fit of our individual garment.  In Session 4, we will take our revised and finalized pattern pieces and learn how to lay them up on fabric, cut them out and do necessary markings.  Finally, we will make our garment in a fabric of your choice, applying seams, darts, waistbands, setting zippers and hems.    Pre-Requisite:  Sewing Basics or Equivalent

SHAM SHUI PO FOR SEWERS:  Are you ready for an adventure?  Sham Shui Po is an amazing place; you can find absolutely everything there…as long as you have the time and patience to look!  To help those of you who want to learn a part of Sham Shui Po you may not be familiar with, come with me on a sewers tour.  I will show you where to purchase fabric; zippers; buttons and other closures; cords, ribbons and tapes; supplies and thread; and a few other surprises.  I will provide you with a map of the shops we visit plus a few others so you can easily find them again.  There is a lot to see and a fair distance to travel between locations so we will not have much time for shopping; however, once you know where to go, you can return and leisurely have a look around to find that absolutely perfect fabric for the dress you want to make!

DRESSMAKING BODY FORM:  I will be offering this class again before the end of the year.  We will use paper packing tape to create an exact duplicate of your torso to be used as a body form when fitting garment.  This will be a 2 day class.  The first day, we will work in pairs to create our form directly on to our bodies.  The second half day will be working individually on your own form to strengthen it.  You will soon find this form indispensible while sewing and fitting garments. 


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