Knot Lessons

Since I will be teaching classes privately and for several organizations, I will arrange this page accordingly.  At the beginning of the page, I’ll list who, where,  what, and when.  At the bottom of the page, I’ll give a detailed outline of the class.   Let me know what you want…if there is a special class you would like or something you want to learn, send me an e-mail.  I am happy to create classes around what you want to learn. 


Booking:  contact me at  to reserve a space

 Class Outlines:

10-ACCORD & DOUBLE COIN NECKLACE:  We will be using the Double Coin knot and one of its variations to make a necklace that you will be proud to wear or give away as a gift.  The 10-Accord knot will be the focal piece with a beautiful bead hanging from the bottom.  The necklace will be made from 2-color side-by-side Double Coins.   We’ll finish off the necklace with an adjustable sliding flat knot.  Pre-Requisite: Knot BasicsDSCN0538







BELTS:  coming soon!

BOOKMARK:  We will learn the Prosperity knot to make a stunning  multi-color bookmark..  The Prosperity knot  is an elongated, interwoven knot.   The bookmark will be finished with a knotted cord and tassel.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot BasicsDSCN0537

CALLA LILY:  The versitility of knots allows you to create just about anything.  After seeing a picture of these gorgeous flowers in a book, I have been experimenting with different colors and size of cord.  Options are limitless…

CELTIC KNOTS:  David returned home from the USA with Suzen Millodot’s Celtic Knot book a few months back.  I sat down one day and made nearly every knot in the book!  They are similar to Chinese knots but different enough that you will want to know how to make these.  I was very taken with all of them.  We’ll learn some of the knots and talk about how to use them in different applications.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics








COASTERS:  Using heavy cotton drawcord, coasters are both beautiful and functional.  I have come up with two knots that lend themselves perfectly to this very useful household item.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics









DOUBLE COIN VARIATIONS:  If you look closely, you will find the Double Coin as a basis for many more knot structures.  It can stand alone, be woven in a row or stacked upon itself.  It can be elongated or interwoven.  The designs are endless and the uses are many.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics

New Photo for Blog







HAIR ACCESSORIES:  Pins, clips and chopsticks can all be adorned with knots to make beautiful hair accessories.   Learn the knots that that work best, tricks to attach them to the hardware and go away with some very useful projects.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics

KNOT BASICS:    This will be a fun and informative 3 session class dedicated to learning the basics of Chinese knots, the basics of tassel making and finishing.  We will talk about supplies and materials and the myriad uses for Chinese knots.  I will demo each knot so you can see what it is you are creating, you will  have a step-by-step instruction pages  for each knot to follow when you are learning, and this page will go home with you for further practice.  I will provide a map of Sham Shui Po with outlets identified for knotting materials, supplies and beads.  We’ll talk about combining knots to create unique designs with or without the addition of beads or pendants.  We will learn no less than 7 knots over the course of the 3 sessions and you will have fun projects to take home with you after each.  At the end of this class you will have the basic knowledge and confidence to create your own unique and wonderful designs.  Pre-Requisite:  None

Knot Basics







PAN CHANG I:  After going through Knot Basics, you will be well prepared to start tackling some of the more complicated knots.  The Pan Chang knot is one that is widely used and is incredibly beautiful.  It is a class weaving pattern and once you understand the mechanics of it, you will be able to go on to learn more advanced Pan Chang knots.  We will start with weaving a 2-color four row Pan Chang.  Then on to a one color and and a six row.  We will also learn the one end button knot.  Pre-Requisite: Knot Basics








PAN CHANG II:  Now that you have mastered the basic pan chang, we’ll venture into other shapes.  In this class, we will be working with rectangle pan changs and fish pan changs.  Both of these build on the basic weaving techniques of the 4- and 6-row pan chang and take you into other shapes and possibilities.

“SHAMBALA”  BRACELET:  One very simple Chinese Knot, a few beads and a bit of time is all you need to create a bracelet that is very much in fashion at the moment and can cost many thousands of dollars at retail.   This is a great class for people of all ages.  These bracelets make great gifts.  And they are so simple to make, you can have one to go with each of your favorite outfits.

TASSELS:  Tassels are fun to make and very versatile.  You can use them for wall hangings, pillows, table runners, cabinet knob hangers, even small ones for jewellery.  And tassels can be more than you think…insted of using tassle cord, I’ll show you how to use #5 cord with knots and wraps at the ends.  We’ll look at different types of bead finishes and you can even make a complete tassel out of beads.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics

X-MAS DECORATIONS:  Christmas Tree:  With the flat knot, curl knot and a few beads we will create a wonderful christmas tree that can be used as an ornament or decoration for a package.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics









X-MAS DECORATIONS:  Candle Wreath:  In this class, we will combine the twist knot with a modified tying method of the Good Luck knot to create a wreath ornament with a candle inside.  Pre-Requisite:  Knot Basics









X-MAS DECORATIONS:  Angels:  What can be said about this angel other than adorable!  Very simple knots and weaving are combined together to create this wee sweetie.  Pre-Requisite: Knot Basics









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