Jewelry Lessons

As a natural progression to one of my long standing hobbies, I will start offering jewelry lessons in September 2010.    I receive a lot of comments on the pieces I wear and have had requests for sales and classes.  I will be teaching a variety of different techniques from knotting to wire bending.  In addition to classes, I will also be offering a couple different options for you and your friends in the way of home shows and pearl parties (both described in more detail below).   Have a look at the Gallery page to see what I have been working on.

For inquiries, contact me at and watch this page for a listing of classes and dates:


Jewellery Making Basics

Basic Knotting Technique (for pearls or other beads with a clasp)

Basic Rope Technique (for pearls or other beads without a clasp)

Bead Weaving (Tubular Peyote, Flat Peyote, Spiral, Woven Designs)

Dangle Necklace

At Your Home:

Shows:  For those of you who would prefer to shop rather than make, I will be offering home showings.  Bring together your friends for a relaxing afternoon looking at beautiful jewelry.  I will bring ready made pieces for you to look at, try on and purchase.  All of my designs are very wearable so many of you will find pieces that are perfect.  However, the true fun comes when I assist you in creating a unique piece custom made just for you.  By looking at the materials available, together we can talk about the perfect design, color and length.   I will then made up your special creation and have it to you in a few days time.   Whether you purchase at the time or order a custom piece, you are sure to be satisfied.

Pearl Party:  Looking for a fun activity to have with your friend?  Need an event to celebrate a birthday?  Or maybe a memorable gathering of friends for someone who is leaving our wonderful country?  How about a pearl party!  This concept originated with a friend over a missed meaning during a conversation and has proven to be a very fun activity.  I will come to your home with pearls and all supplies.  I will take the pressure out of making a necklace and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and stress-free few hours.  It will be a fun and very interactive activity for everyone.  At the end, everyone can show off their new, beautiful necklace.  These parties have been a huge success and no doubt yours will be too. 


Class Outlines:

Basic Knotting Technique:  You will leave this class with a beautiful pearl necklace made with your own hands.  I will have a wide range of different types of pearls to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colors.  We will start with practicing the knotting technique to understand how to get the pearls tight and just how much force can be exerted on the thread before it will break.  The concept of starting and finishing a necklace is a bit of a mystery to some; however, after I demonstrate you will be able to see that it is actually quite straight forward.   I will discuss threads and needles, different clasp types and applying this knotting technique to things other than pearls. If you enjoy making your own jewelry, this class is a must.

Basic Rope Technique:  Not all necklaces need a clasp.  But if it does not have one, how do you finish it?  In this class, I will show you the technique of starting and finishing an endless string of pearls/beads and how to add on a new needle when you run short of thread.  Nothing difficult about these techniques, you just need to see it, practice it, and then you will know it.  I will have a supply of pearls for your use during this class or you are welcome to bring some of your own.

Dangle Necklace:  This class has been very popular and is very fun.  We will combine the arts of Chinese knotting, pearl knotting and wire bending to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Your creativity will be able to know no boundry as you pull together different beads and colors in your unique, one of a kind necklace. 


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