Here are a few of the pieces that I have been working on.  It is so difficult to capture the true beauty (color, luster and essence) of pearls in photographs.  If you see something you like, let me know.  I can ship anywhere in the world.  If you would like something created especially for you, we can discuss different designs, colors and sizes.  Also see the Jewelry Lessons page for other options on classes and shows/parties at your home.

Have a look at the bottom of this page under What’s New for the latest designs I’m working on.

Also, my designs can be found at Savvy Style in Hong Kong.

For inquiries, contact me at

Image 1:  Pearls can come in many sizes as show here with these two white round necklaces. 

Image 2:  These round pearls are silver grey (left) and natural (right)

Image 3:  These two strands of peacock colored pearls show the variation of a single versus a double strand.

Image 4:  In this photo the blue necklace (left) is made with “rice” pearls while the bronze necklace (right) is made with “potato” pearls.

Image 5:  Here both necklaces are made with “coin” pearls.  The one on the left being natural color and the one on the right being peacock.

Image 6: both of these necklaces are made with “biwa” or “stick” pearls.  I like to separate the sticks with small pearls to make the necklace more wearable as well as to better show off the beauty of the pearl shape.

Image 7:  A good way to introduce color into a simple design is with the addition of these small potato pearls.  They come in a myriad of colors and can be great to give a bit of difference to a simple strand of white pearls.

Image 8:  This is one of my favorite designs.  Here I have taken two strands of top drilled keshi pearls and paired them with round pearls in both natural (left) and peacock (right) colors.

Image 9:  These multi strand twisted necklaces are very fun to wear.  When I’m feeling creative, I get out my stock of pearls and beads and start putting things together.  These are good necklaces to custom made so you can choose the length and colors to best suit your needs.

Image 10: It is easy to add a pendant to any pearl necklace and some up with something completely different. 

Image 11:  These are multi strand top drilled rice with inserted beads.  The combinations here are endless.

Image 12:  These long drilled sticks are quite unique in their size and quality.  Here I have paired them with coins and small colored potato pearls in a long double strand necklace.

Image 13:  I call these “picture” pendants because the stone creates just that. I even have one that resembles one of Monet’s water lily paintings!  This green marble pendant has green lace agate tube beads on either side and black agate beads at back.

Image 14:  These multi color ropes are very versatile.  Depending upon their length, they can be work once, twice or three times around the neck for a completely different look.


What’s New

Image 15:  Here are a couple more pendant ideas.  Both necklaces are made with the silvery grey pearls.  The left is a Swarovsky crystal heart and the right is a mabe (pronounced “ma bay”) pearl pendant.

Image 16:  I love this necklace!  I found this antique silver dragon bracelet at a market one day buried under a pile of junk.  I paired it up with carved white beads.  The dragon, the red bead, the carved beads…lots of Chinese symbolism in this piece.

Image 17:  Bracelets are always fun.  The left has Swarovsky crystal studs.  The left is a simple two strand rice parl design.  And in front, I have combined Chinese knots and pearls to create this fun and easy to wear bracelet.

Image 18:  This tassel front necklace received its’ inspiration from the clasp.  The color combinations are endless and the necklace c an be plain or with added color.

Image 19:  This lariette is made with an abalone look bead.  I finished off the end with a green accent to tie in.  Here again, this style can be changed in so many ways to color coordinate with any outfit.


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