About I. P.

I have always liked the symbolism of the Phoenix; living to a wisened age, going through a transformation, and then being renewed into a new phase of life.  And this phase of my life is all about creativity.  After 3 decades of working in the corporate world and business, I am now  finding great pleasure in using my hands to create beautiful and useful items.  I also thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for taking any number of raw materials and turning them into something amazing.  I believe that everyone is creative.  No matter whether you come up with a unqiue and original design or see something, study it and then go home and duplicate it.  One is not more creative than the other;  just different.  So do not sell yourself short…you are a creative being!

My background is in the apparel industry.  I was with a global sportswear brand for 14 years both in the USA and Hong Kong.  My positions were all centered around technical garment development.  I started sewing when I was in my teens and then expanded into designing and patterning my own clothes in my 20’s.  This was a huge asset to my positions and working with garment factories in Asia took my knowledge to a whole new level.

After that, I worked with my husband in a dental office that we created in New Zealand.  Total shift in focus, and a good one.  We worked very well together, our strengths and weaknesses meshed together quite well to create a complete and unbelievable team.

I have been doing art and crafts since I was a child.  As I said above, I have been sewing for decades.  My Mother and Grandmothers taught me to crochet, knit and do embroidery.  Although no where near a master, I have taken many classes in Chinese brush painting and enjoy my own work.  I have been making jewellery for the past 10 years and am accomplished in beading, wire bending, silver bench work, pearl stringing, metal clay, enameling, and working with resin.  I have mastered several Asian cuisines and love to bake artisan breads.  I designed my own home in New Zealand and did all color and interiors; and was even contract manager during building.

Now, being back in Hong Kong once again to live has allowed me to expand my knowledge of Chinese art and crafts.  Chinese knotting has taken ahold of me like no other art has.  I find that I have a real affinity to it.  Looking at books and examples of knots allows ideas to start flooding into me.  And I cannot wait to share that knowledge with you.


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