Home…where’s that?

I just returned home last night from my home.  Confused?  Me too at times.  Being at home in New Zealand was fantastic; just the break that I needed.  I had a big huge dose of nothingness mixed in with long days in front of the fire trying to stave off those single digit temperatures.  I got together with some of my best friends and had a grand time catching up.  However, I could not wait to arrive at home in HK because I knew there would be 6 furry faces waiting to greet us at the door.  It is always nice to know that you’ve been missed and the “kids” do a fantastic job of expressing that.  

On the flight from Auckland to Nelson, I was in the front row facing the flight attendant on arrival.  We were chatting and he asked where I had been.  I told him HK and  after the normal questions about this, mentioned that we lived there.  “So,” he asked, “visiting family in Nelson?”  “No, we have a house here and I’m coming down for a bit of a break.”   “Oh,” he says, “So, where is family?”  “In the States,” I reply.   At this point, most people just twist their head to the side and give a bit of a funny look.  So home, well, home is where we are.   It really does not matter as long as those you love most are within arms distance.

I sold a few (well, actually quite a few!) pearl necklaces and earrings and have had more people wanting me to get together with them and their friends on my next trip.   With a few well placed, and connected, people, I could have quite a booming business down there.

I was admiring a friends sweater and she told me that she got it at Cruellas (great name!); check out their website  www.cruellas.co.nz  .  I stopped in for a look and could have walked out with a half dozen sweaters; fortunately I narrowed it down to just one.  Everything in their shop is made from hand spun yard and is hand knitted; you can purchase finished garments or raw materials and patterns to make your own.  Beautiful, beautiful things.  At the end of my trip, the New Zealand Cancer Society was having a fund raising drive and Cruellas had knitted items on auction for the cause.  I had the winning bid on this necklace/scarf.  Besides the colors being totally me, the way it is made intrigues me.  It is 6 ropes of approximately 6 rows of knitting all join together at the back.  I think this concept could look quite good with a smaller yarn and some beads thrown in here and there for effect.   I refuse to allow myself to pick up another hobby but I just might have to attempt making something like this!

The one thing I love so much about being in NZ is our home.  Having designed and help build it, I feel intimately connected to the place.  I can look at any wall, corner or cabinet and know what it took to create it.  This is the heart of our home; the entry and dining room which opens to the back yard.  This is a very special spot and one I find myself drawn to.  The columns are hand painted concrete.  There are 7 of them to signify the 7 energy centers or shakras.  The artist who painted the columns apprenticed with a Dutch man and together, they painted the columns in the Bee Hive (NZ parliment building) in Wellington.  This is a home that loves people and our last weekend we had guests all around the dining table.  Laughter filled the space.  Perfect…

My elusive yucca is doing it to me again!  I have had these plants for nearly 10 years and I have yet to see them bloom.  In defense of my poor plants, they did have a rough start which put off  blooms for many years.  But still, it could cooperate and coordinate with one of my trips!  These plants came to me from a friends yard whose preferred method of yard maintenance was a sprayer full of herbicide and a shovel.  He came over to see me one day with these two yuccas in the back of his truck and asked if I wanted them.  They were beautiful and I was thrilled, until he pulled them out and I saw that they had 6″ or less of tap root.  It took a lot of  TLC to keep them alive and now they are thriving.  If only we can get the blooming sorted…

 This is one thing I am glad I got to see.  This is my favorite rhododendron.  I just love the varigated flowers and leaves.  Mrs. Roosevelt I think it is called.  I know that it is named after a President’s wife and Lady Bird just does not sound right.  This rhody is nestled right up next to the pine forest in a nice shady spot so the blooms are always big and full.

Now that I am back home, I am going to be getting organized to start classes the middle of the month.  By all indications, the YWCA is having a high turnout on enrollment for Autumn classes.  My dressmaking students are increasing which is going to see me add a second morning.  I have a group of Chinese knotters who are very keen to learn more and I have a few fun projects for them.  And there is always my stitching that I am setting aside one afternoon a week to do…something just for me.

I hope everyone’s transition into Spring or Autumn (depending upon which side of the equator you are on) is a good one.


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