When It’s Meant to Be

I have always believed that if I am doing what I am meant to do and remain in a positive frame of mind about it, all things will align and amazing things will happen.  Case in point this past week…  Friday I had a meeting with a local Image Consultant in HK who is very well respected.  Eve Roth Lindsay of Savvy Style works with individuals and corporations.  I met Eve about 6 months ago and we have stayed in contact.  On a whim a few weeks ago, I sent her an e-mail explaining that I was venturing into the jewellery business and was wondering if there was any common ground between what we both do.  Eve invited me in to have a chat and show off my designs.  She liked everything she saw and asked me to provide some pieces on a commission basis.  What Eve does is present an entire image package for an individual from color to style to accessories.  She has other designers who provide jewellery for her to use in presentations and has been looking for someone to fill in with pearls.  Fortunately I had time this past weekend and pulled together about a dozen pearl necklaces in various colors, designs and lengths.  I will be delivering them to her this morning.  I am very excited about the opportunity that Eve has presented to me and hope for good things to come!

I finished another stitching project that I’ve been working on for about a month.  This butterfly and dragonfly design will be used as a book cover that I will be completing in September.  The butterfly on the far right of the design is a brass box latch that I found at a local hardware store.  I am going to stitch the upper body onto the front cover of the book and then create a strap for the lower body to attach to the back of the book.  I’ll put the finished book in the blog when its completed.  I am so enjoying stitching that I can sit down and loose hours in it. 

These are two necklaces I finished this past week.  This is one of those designs that is born from the clasp. I found these 3 cup clasps and thought they would be perfect for adding a tassel at the front.  The tassel can be removed.  I am going to see if I can buy extra cups so I can make different colored tassels for a multitude of looks.  This photo is also on the Gallery page, but just had to show it here too.

And what would a blog post be without at least one photo of the “kids”.  This is the most sought-after position in the flat on a sunny day.  Simon, Jackie and Thomas are all enjoying the luxury of a sunny location and a great view.  Ahh, a cats’ life!

Check out the Gallery page for What’s New.

I am away today to NZ for a few weeks.  Going to have a bit of a break, pull some weeds, prune some trees and probably chop some firewood.  All those things that are nearly impossible here in HK.   So next you hear from me, I will be at the bottom of the world in the middle of winter.


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