And Spencer makes six…

David and I are always first in line when a cat or kitten is in need and Spencer is just one of those kittens.  Our pet store called a week ago Friday saying that the breeder had handed over another wee creature that was less than perfect and needed to find a home.  We went in to see him and instantly fell in love.  After the cage was opened, he looked up at us and started purring.  As soon as I had him in my arms, he started nuzzling into my neck.   He certainly was starved for attention and was setting out to get it from whomever came close.  Our policy with the pet store is if we fall in love with a new kitten (the negative of this has yet to happen!), it needs to be checked by our vet first to ensure that we would not be bringing an infectious disease into our home.  Spencer was given the OK to come home on Wednesday but to make sure, he needs to be quarantined from the rest of the family for 10 days.  We’re on day 5 and he is getting anxious to be release from his confinement.  There has been a lot of meowing through doors and exchange of paw touching under doors.  Everyone is ready to meet the new addition to the family.

20 Sept 09 - Use as Intro in BlogSpencer is partially blind in one eye from, what the vet is assuming , was a trauma either during or shortly after birth.  He is certainly a lucky wee boy for the breeder to have kept him around as long as this.  His personality and temperment is amazing.  All he wants to do is purr, be held, and sleep.  He is a persian mix with possibly some ragdoll in him.  Normal cats sleep about 18 hours a day; with his DNA, it is going to be difficult to wake him up for meals!  He is going to be a very, very large adult cat.  Already at 6 months, he is big for his age and his paws are a sure sign that he will be growing a lot more. 

So, I’ve been a bit pre-occuplied for the past few days!

The Knot Lessons page has been expanded with more outlines and photos.  Classes for this week are already starting to be booked so if you are interested in the Knot and Beaded Dangle Necklace project on Wednesday or to learn the Celtic knots on Friday, send me an e-mail as soon as possible.

The first Sewing Basics class at the YWCA was this past Thursday and it was a huge success…well, to me anyway!  I hope the class participants enjoyed themselves and from the comments I received both at the class and since, I think they did.  All the sewing classes are full.  I spoke with the Program Coordinator at the Y and if someone has their own sewing machine and if they have either taken Sewing Basics from me or have equivalent knowledge, we will be able to open up the Intro to Sewing class and allow more people to attend.  For the Sewing Basics, because of the way I’m teaching the class, it would be incredibly difficult to have more than two models of machines to use in demonstrations so this class, unfortunately, has to stay limited until the Y has the the budget to get more machines.

Mark your calendar…the next Baubles & Knots gathering will be Monday, 5 October.  An e-mail will be sent soon as a reminder and RSVP.

Another event to make note of is the Helena May Charity Bazaar coming up on Thursday, 15 October, 9:30am to 6pm.  Jamila and I will have a table there to promote our classes and sell a few items.  Do stop by and see us…we’ll be in the Blue Room.

I’m glad the rain has come today and knocked a few degrees off the temperature.  Stay dry, stay cool and enjoy your week…


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